Waverly might just be the perfect place for your business.

The city is located right in the heart of east Kansas, meaning you have powerful access to major population centers in the Kansas City metro, Topeka, Lawrence, and Wichita, as well as Emporia, Ottawa, and the whole of the counties of Coffey, Marion, Chase, Lyon, Osage, Franklin, and Anderson, just to name a few.

Our high speed internet services are perfect for the integrated modern business. Providers in town offer satellite connections and the fiber network in our town is growing reliably.

Our postal service is both efficient and cost-efficient. Waverly is home to several businesses that sell via digital marketplaces and distribute through our post office. Our strong road networks serve to only strengthen our postal service — packages arrive just as fast here in Waverly as they do anywhere in the country.

Last but not least, we are a city that is eager to help our communities’ businesses thrive. Licensing is generally only needed for construction projects. We want you to do well in Waverly — extremely well! — and the town is here to support you in your endeavors in any way it is able.


City of Waverly • 210 Pearson Ave • PO Box 308
Waverly. KS 66871

Open Monday-Friday
9:00 am-3:00 pm


(785) 733-2461 •  (785) 733-2395 Fax
For after-hours emergencies call 785-733-2791.

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An Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.