Waverly was founded by people of varied origins and creeds, and our harmony and appreciation for one another has never wavered. We welcome people of all beliefs and practices in our city and teach our children to do the same. If you would like to engage with any of our places of worship, call for a warm welcome.

We need photos! If you have a picture of any of the churches below, please email to cityclerk@welcometowaverly.com and they will be uploaded.

Bethany Church of Christ

Established in 1905, Bethany Church of Christ is now located just two miles east of Waverly at 2010 KS-31.

Sunday classes are at 9:30am.
Sunday worship is at 10:15am and 6pm.

Call 785-733-2577 for more information.

First Baptist Church

Organized in 1883, the First Baptist Church of Waverly is located in the heart of town.

Sunday School Classes are at 10am.
Sunday Worship is at 11am.

Call 785-733-2674 for more information.

Peniel Bible Church

Founded in 1975, Peniel Bible Church is just north of city limits at 2771 Trefoil Rd NE.

Sunday Worship is at 10:30am.

Call 785-248-4725 for more information.


Prairie View Church

Starting in 1880 in a schoolhouse, Prairie View Church is located south of town at 19th & Reaper Road.

Sunday Worship is at 8:30am.

Call 785-229-5539 for more information.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph has been at the heart of town since 1886 at 508 Pearson Avenue.

Sunday Mass is at 8:00 am.

Wednesday Mass is at 6:00 pm.

Adoration Wednesday from 3:00pm – 11:30pm.

Confessions are Wednesday from 5:30pm-5:55pm (before mass).

For information call:

620-364-2416 Rectory
620-364-5671 Office

St. Joseph Website

Waverly United Methodist Church

Established in 1884, Waverly United Methodist Church is located at 407 W. 4th Street.

Sunday Worship is at 9:30 am.

Call 785-733-2642 for more information.

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